Vero Beach Elder Law

What is an Elder Law Attorney?

Elder Law Attorneys preserve the rights of seniors and the disabled, and protect the assets of individuals and families. They have knowledge of the unique needs of the senior population, and are aware of the physical and mental difficulties that often accompany the aging process.

During the estate planning process, the elder law attorney takes into consideration the health of the person or couple, the potential need for nursing home or in-home care and the wishes and concerns of the person or couple. At times, the elder law attorney will consult other legal or medical experts, if appropriate.

Elder law attorneys deal with legal issues involving

  • Health and personal care planning through the use of powers of attorney, living wills, and designation of health care surrogates
  • Lifetime planning including housing, financial planning, income, estate and gift tax matters
  • Estate planning through the use of Wills or Trusts; Special Needs Trusts for minor children or adults
  • Planning for a well spouse when the other spouse requires long term care; Asset protection, Medicaid, Veteran’s benefits and long term care insurance
  • Capacity - guardianship may be necessary when advance directives have not been executed, or when they are being abused by the fiduciary
  • Resident rights in long term care facilities; nursing home claims
  • Elder Abuse, physical or financial in nature
  • Age or disability discrimination

The Vero Beach Elder Law practice of Carolyn Butler Norton specializes in the estate planning necessary to preserve assets so that individuals have enough savings to care for themselves in retirement, or disability, while also leaving a legacy to their loved ones. These goals are achieved through estate planning, Wills and Trusts, durable powers of attorney, health care directives, living wills, long-term care and Medicaid planning, special needs trusts and guardianship.