Will Medicare or Medicaid Pay for Any Services to Come Into My Home?


Speaker 1:Medicare will pay for services that are medically necessary such as having a nurse to come in and change a wound dressing, or someone coming in to perform physical therapy or rehabilitation. However, they're not going to pay for companion care or somebody giving you your medication or helping you get dressed or serve your meals.
Medicaid on the other hand, will pay for companion care. They will pay for people to give you your medication, people to help you bathe, get dressed, people to help with food preparation. However, there is a problem in that we have two different types of Medicaid in Florida.
One is called Med Waiver, and that's the one that pays for home care and assisted living. And unfortunately, there's a very long wait list to get that type of Medicaid, and you can not even apply until you get a letter telling you, you've come off that wait list.